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Chapter One
It was a normal day in Yasashii High...well normal for the people there anyway. Inside of the classroom the students filed into their seats. Everything seemed normal, that is, as normal as it can be with Elle running between the desks.
“Elisa, stop running and give me back my food!” Elle shouted as she desperately tried to catch Elisa. She weaved through the chairs in an effort to retrieve her stolen lunch. Yet, every time she got close Elisa just rushed off once more.
Elisa laughed as she teasingly held the bagged lunch up. “Hahaha no way, you'll have to catch me if you want your food back!”
When Elle saw Elisa escape her again she tripped over her own feet and fell on her face. “Ooowwwwiiieeee. I just want my food back....I’m so hungry. Meeh.” Elle’s eyes welled up with tears as pain echoed through her head. Bowing her head she surrendered as she groaned.
“Ah… Elisa aren't you being a little harsh?” Nessa winced as she looked down at Elle’s still form. She walked to her friend and sat on the floor next to her, offering her a supportive pat on the back. Melody silently nodded and looked at Elisa before muttering something under her breath.
“Hey! Melody, don’t call me stupid! I'm only helping Elle get some exercise...sheesh.” Elisa puffed her cheeks out in a pout before opening the brown bag and rummaging through the contents.
“Elisa you aren’t fooling anyone. We all know you just wanted her lunch.” Nessa gripped Elle’s shoulders and helped her stand up.
“Clearly.” Melody nodded.
“Could you calm down? Argh damn I can't hear myself think!” Weston shouted as he stood up from his desk, slamming his hand on the desktop. He glared at the group of girls, his black hair swung over his left eye.
“Perhaps you have no ability to think at all.” Melody mocked as she covered her smile with a hand.
Nessa shot a scowl at Weston. “Who do you think you are swearing at you asshole? Why don't you mind your own business?”
Elle rubbed dust off of her uniform. “Uhm, Nessa where did Elisa go? I need to feed my stomach before it turns into hungersarus and eats the whole school!” She looked around with a determined glint in her eyes, suddenly seeing Elisa perched in the corner of the room. Elisa picked up a cookie and ate it happily. “Gah, no not my cookies those are my favorite!” Elle ran over to Elisa and lunged for her lunch, hoping a surprise attack would work. Unfortunately, Elisa quickly defended herself and dodged away with a cat-like smile.
“Good morning. Hello Elle, what’s going on?” Aiden asked as he smiled from the doorway.
Elle turned and waved but swiftly resumed her attempt to obtain her lunch. “You will not take my Mnt. Dew that’s in there too! It’s my last one!”
Nessa moved to stand by Aiden as she smiled at Elle. “Elisa took her lunch again and you know how she gets with her Mt. Dew....”
Melody blinked as she followed behind Nessa. “They are being noisy.”
“Are you tryin’ to ignore me Nessie???” (Referring to lockeness monster).
“What did you call me?” Nessa squeaked in outrage as she spun to face Weston.
“Nessa-nee, I'm amazed you can hear over all of the stupid that radiates around him.” Melody complimented with a joyful clap of her hands.
Nessa’s cheeks turned red with embarrassment and rage. Frustrated she stormed back to her desk and sat, crossing her arms over her chest. “Don’t talk to me you idiot!”
“I didn’t do anything that time . . . Hm for someone so vile you can be cute when you want. I’m shocked!” Weston leaned over Nessa’s desk and quirked an eyebrow as he adopted a wolf-like smirk.
“W...W-what?! Don't joke around with me...” Nessa shouted as she hit Weston over the head with a notebook. “Aah...Aiden come control this thing.”
“YES!!I got it~ whoop whoop!” Elle cheered and danced around in victory before seeing where she was at and all of the people watching her with amused faces. “Hey Aiden! So Nessa what did I miss after I went after Elisa?” She waved and smiled at Aiden before going and sitting in her desk which was right next to Nessas.
Aiden laughs at the randomness that has already happened so early in the morning and replied to Elle and Nessa. “Hahaha Hey Elle and sure Nessa” He walks over and smacks Weston over the head and quickly puts him in a headlock all while smiling “hey man behave yourself it’s too early for this don’t you think?”
Weston shoves away from Aiden with a grumble and glared at Nessa
Nessa stuck her tongue out at Weston and turned to talk to Elle “nneh! Not much Elle, I'm glad you got your things back. Weston is just being an idiot like usual.” She then looked around the classroom searching “Hm, Where did Elisa go this time? Did she have a morning practice?”
Just then Ronan, a boy who is friends with Aiden and Weston, walked in with his Neon green hair “I see you are pissing off the ladies as usual” He said teasing Weston as he walked by him to sit down at his own desk
Weston glared at Ronan “shut up...”
“Oh, a challenge? How adorable of you. Make me.” Ronan said while standing up and getting nose to nose with Weston
E’Lana, one of the other girls in the classroom, sees Ronan and Weston nose to nose and blinks while her nose starts to bleed. “Ah…yaoi…” she said in a dreamy voice
“Trouble...” Melody states as she sees what is happening with Ronan and Weston
“Hm?” Nessa looks over at sees Weston and Ronan and sighs putting her head in her hands “at it again.”
“Hey boys behave yourselves!!” Elle jumps up and points at Ronan and Weston but then see Adrian, another one of Aiden’s and Weston’s friends who is a shy blonde, slowly making his way to his seat and yells while waving like a maniac “HI ADRIAN!!!” Adrian blushes and quickly sits down while trying to hide in his seat from the embarrassment while Elle just shrugs and turns back to Nessa, sitting back in her chair replying to her earlier question “yeah Elisa ran off once I got my hands on my food but not before she ate my sandwich. I only have my Mnt. Dew and some chips left now!” Elle pouts but starts to munch on her chips while sipping her Mnt. Dew. She then turns to Nessa with a sly look on her face “sooo~ Nessa~~ I know who you like~” Elle says while nudging Nessa in the side with her elbow.
“I don't like anyone.” Nessa says while blushing and avoiding eye contact
Melody shakes her head and looks at Elle as they both look at Nessa and say “Lies.”
Nessa groans and whispers “At least he's too stupid to notice. Elle you are totally transparent when you’re with Aiden.” Nessa then gets the same sly look that Elle had before and nudges her the same way while saying “Heehee, you are into him~”
Elle blushes and looks away fidgeting “I don't know what you are talking anyway do you guys wanna come over to my house today? Since we don't have any least I think we don't?” Elle said trying to change the subject
“Even if we do I'll still come.” Nessa said smiling excitedly
Melody nodded in agreement
“I guess Elisa with let us know later if she can come over too…” Nessa said trying to ignore Ronan and Weston’s bickering but finally snaps and yells “shut the hell up!!!!”
“Make us!!” Weston and Ronan yell back at the same time
Nessa stands up as an aura of death starts to seep out of her while she’s smiling evilly. “Very well~” she says in an eerie voice
“She's snapped.” Melody states
“Hey Aiden and Adrian you guys better come over here to the circle? Area? I don't know! Come over here where it's safe!! That’s it! Hahaha” Elle says and then starts laughing and leaning back in her chair but leans too far and falls over “owie” She says while sitting up and rubbing her head
“You ok?” Aiden asks concerned and holds his hand out to Elle to help her up
Elle blushes and smiles at Aiden while taking his outstretched hand pulling herself up with his help, and laughs nervously saying “huh oh yeah I’m just super clumsy is all haha”
Nessa turns for a split second to offer Elle a glowing smile and a thumbs up before returning to Ronan and Weston
Adrian silently shuffles to stand by Melody
“Whatever. You aren't even worth my time” Weston says smugly
“He's right this is a man’s fight.” Ronan Exclaims
“oh is it?” Nessa says inching closer to them “Then pardon my intrusion but”
Melody smiles and covers her ears and says “incoming.”
“IM GOING TO SEND YOU BOTH STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!” Nessa yells at Ronan and Weston at the same time she is moving closer to them
“Whoop! Go Nessa! Call for me if you need back up girl!!” Elle says while smiling brightly and giving Nessa a peace sign*
Melody looks at Elle and states “why a peace sign if they are going to get beat up?”
“Huh? Oh right then” Elle says and then changes her peace sign into a thumbs up “There we go!!
“No you're still supporting it” Melody says while shaking her head and smiling slightly at Elle
“Gah! I give up!” Elle exclaims while throwing her hands up in the air
Nessas eyes gleam with the promise of violence as she grabs Weston and using surprise to her advantage she trips him and sits on top of his back, using her foot to press his face into the floor
“Is that real?” Ronan asked bewildered
“Why only me?” Weston asked whimpering
“You piss me off the most.” Nessa said while shrugging
“She can be scary.” Melody said smiling at Adrian
“Victory.” Nessa said giving Elle a thumbs up
Elles eyes suddenly gleam and she lunges and tackling Ronan to the floor sitting on top of him the same way Nessa was doing with Weston, then looks at Nessa and smiles while giving her a peace sign “Double victory~ we win Nessa!! Hahaha” Elle said laughing
“Ah come on, why me too?” Ronan whined
“Cause you were causing a ruckus too so you needed to be punished as well~” Elle said in a happy tone
Melody blinked and turned to Adrian saying “Well that was unexpected” Adrian just nodded in approval with a shocked look on his face
“Well when I get mad I’m more terrifying than Nessa here isn't that right Nes?” Elle turned towards Nessa confirming what she just stated
Nessa turned white and nodded robotically
“Get off.” Weston said in an annoyed voice
“Don't pout.” Nessa said looking down at Weston
“Strange pair those two.” Melody said laughing
Adrian blinked at Melody and tried to hide his smile behind his hand
“We sit atop a throne of idiots my dearest El” Nessa said in a dramatic voice laughing
“We sure do my Lovely Nes~ but it's so lumpy we should have brought pillows!!” Elle replied in a happy tone while poking Ronan
“Who are you calling idiots? I bet your grades are just like ours!” Ronan yelled getting annoyed
“Nope haven't you seen the class ranks? I’m in the top ten and Nes here is eleven. Mel is nine and Eli is 13. We don't act it but I guess we're pretty smart” Elle says while counting everyone off on her fingers then turned and smiled down at Ronan
Aiden sees Elle smile at Ronan and glares at him for a moment but quickly smiles again
“Unless it is math...” Nessa shudders and stands “Now stop being such a pain.” She sighed and walked back to her desk before waving Elle to come over “pssst~ Elle”
Elle stands up and scurries over to Nessa “yesh?” Elle asked sitting down at her desk and leaning over to hear her better
“Can I go to the wedding?” Nessa asked playfully, nudging Elle and winking at her
Elles face blushes a crimson red as she stutters “W-what are you talking about!?”
“Just kidding hahahah your face” Nessa Laughed.
Melody blinks, confused “hm?”
“Just discussing marriage is all~~~” Nessa said a little louder than normal
“Sssshhhhh!! Ah, now look what you did” Elle tries to cover Nessas mouth while still blushing and looks over to find Ronan, Aiden , Weston, and Adrian looking over at them with faces of confusion, shock, and anger? She covers her face with her hands to hide her embarrassment.
“Their faces....ahahahahahah.” Nessa Laughed so hard tears started forming in her eyes
“I still don't follow....” Melody said confused
“Just planning a happy future for me and El.~” Nessa said in a happy tone
Melody smiles but shakes her head
“Yo, what are you screaming about over there?” Weston said
“Wouldn't you like to know?” Nessa said getting aggravated already
“Damn my head hurts....” Ronan said while rubbing his temple
“Shut up will ya? Sheesh. You wanna know so bad? MARRIAGE. That's what.” Nessa yelled flicking Ronan and Weston off
“Good luck getting married with that attitude.” Ronan said
“What...? I can be nice when I wanna be.” Nessa replied, annoyed
“Yeah right.” Weston scoffed
Nessa throws a book at Ronan then Weston
Elle suddenly goes quiet while her hair falls covering her face. A dark aura is starting to seep out of her as well as she talks in a dark voice “Were you just seriously insulting my best friend. A girl who is pretty much a sister to me and has been nothing but kind to me!” her voice is slowly getting louder and louder while the aura is getting darker and stronger except there is a shimmer of light starting to form at her shoulder blades. She looks up at Weston and Ronan and glares while saying “Apologize now” The aura is getting even darker while the light on her back is getting brighter and is starting to form the shape of wings.
“’s alright Elle.” Nessa shivers and blinks
“That light....” Aiden says in wonder and looks at Weston with wide eyes
Ronan looks nervously at Elle
Melody tugs on Elles shirt and looks up at her concerned “Elle-nee?...”
Nessa rushes over to Weston and smacks her hand over his mouth frantically saying “he didn't mean it.”
Suddenly the light and the dark aura disappear and Elle collapses to the ground unconscious. At that moment Elisa comes back into the room, just getting done from her practice.
“Hey guys I'm back! Um....what happened? What'd I miss this time?” Elisa asks very confused
“Nessa was about to kill Weston when Elle jumped on top of Ronan. They were joking around before they went back to their seats. They started whispering about marriage when Ronan said something to the effect of “Who would marry someone like you”. So Elle snapped and was about to go after Ronan until she fainted. End of summary.” Melody stated in a factual tone
Aiden frowns and walks over to Elle, picking her up in his arms and allowing her head to lean against his chest “I’ll take her to the infirmary. Let Mrs. Allgood know I’ll be back late into the period.”
Nessa blushes and says in a dreamy voice “Ah. . .so. . .brilliant. . .Alright well take care of her! I’ll come visit her once she wakes up. “
“Hah, right. See you guys then.” Aiden says and walks out of the classroom with Elle

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